/ Brian Johnson

I love adventure & making a difference


Welcome to www.giveitupforbrian.com Mt Kilimanjaro chapter! Where adventure meets philanthropy! I'm Brian Johnson, hailing from Dallas, Texas, and I'm about to embark on my 6th journey to Africa. But this trip is no ordinary expedition—it's an opportunity to make a meaningful impact and give back to the communities I love.

Over the years, I've had the privilege of volunteering in various regions of Africa, learning valuable lessons and forging deep connections. Community service has always been close to my heart, and as a founder of an NGO in Dallas, Texas, USA, I've been able to extend my passion for helping others. Together with several NGOs in Central and Southeast Africa, we strive to make a lasting difference in the lives of those in need.

Locally, I proudly serve as a founding Board member of Project Elf Dallas. This incredible initiative focuses on supporting homeless families as they transition from shelters to their very first homes after experiencing homelessness.

We furnish their houses and provide them with all the necessities they need, ensuring they have a warm and welcoming environment to thrive in. Our annual Christmas program brings the spirit of giving to these families, complete with a beautiful tree and presents that light up their hearts.

But my mission extends far beyond Dallas. For the past eleven years, I've dedicated my efforts to collaborating with NGOs based in Africa. And now, I'm thrilled to share that I'm working on a trip to Kilimanjaro that will be a great thing for me and help the local community to create positive change in their own lives and the lives of others.

Through some different ways over the last 6 months I have been able to raise money to support the local guides and families. As you browse through this website, you'll find a small collection of photographs, all captured by me during my four volunteer trips to Africa.

Remember, life is a gift, and living is a choice. By joining me on this journey, you're embracing the spirit of giving and becoming a catalyst for change. Together, let's make a positive impact, one step at a time.