/ Brian Johnson

I love adventure & making a difference

I have a long standing and meaningful connection with community service and am a founder of an NGO in Dallas, Texas, USA and support several NGOs in Central and Southeast Africa.

Locally I am a founding Board member of Project Elf Dallas where we work with homeless families as they move out of shelters and in to their first home after homelessness by furnishing their house and helping the family with all the necessities they will need. We do this at Christmas each year and include a great tree, presents and the spirit of giving.

Something with a broader reach that I work on is with Africa and based NGOs. I have been doing this for 7 years and I am working towards trying to help start a new NGO in the DRC that fosters community, innovation and the entrepreneur spirit

All of the pictures here I took and are from my 4 trips to Africa for volunteer work - enjoy. Life is a gift, living is a choice. Help me make a difference!