DRC2018: Cliff Bars in Congo

BrianGoma 2018

There are none. And that’s mostly a good thing I’m sure. In most of central Africa there aren’t things like health food or energy bars. I’m Uganda you might be able to find them at Kampala/Entebbe at a high end hotel but outside of that you can’t find most anything you would find in a health food or convenance store. You could find a bag of potato chips or a candy bar and a soda or beer. But most things are fresh and made from scratch everyday due to the lack of power and refrigeration. Some things like nutrition bars don’t need refrigeration but they aren’t affordable or in demand so there is no distribution for it. Driving across country borders is really difficult and requires a lot of fees so there is no real delivery systems, no delivery trucks. It’s great and different.

I’m going hiking tomorrow up the volcano so I was looking for an energy bar. I guess I will just go old school with fruits and nuts!


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