DRC2018: Lowira DRC

BrianGoma 2018

Crossing the lake from Goma to Bakavu  was very easy and slow and comfortable. When you anchor in Bakuva it turns to straight chaos and madness!

It’s really fun to see and really hectic but it reminds me more of Calcutta then it does of peaceful Africa. Where the ship docks is a complete chaotic marketplace full of people yelling and running and screaming and pushing and it’s really like something I have never seen before. It would’ve been nerve-racking had it not been with Amy who has traveled the world and extensively in Africa and has had several NGO‘s here. Today were out looking at some of the areas and things that volunteers could do when they come to the democratic republic of the Congo. This is Amy’s first scouting trip to this area for that reason. We had back to go mow tonight or early tomorrow and back to the projects I was working on there.

All The Best, Brian