DRC2018: Made it to Rwanda

BrianGoma 2018

I’m 90% there! It’s a long journey but it’s interesting to see how the people and places change along the way. The last leg from Entebbe Uganda to Kigali Rwanda is the shortest at only 35 minutes. It’s a strange stop after 5 hours on the plane from the Middle East. Most everyone gets off the A330 plane and then they clean the plane with us on it. Finally the plane fills up with folks flying from Entebbe to Kigali. One thing that’s unnerving is just before take off they announce that due to Rwanda immigration rules they must fumigate the plane. So it looks like a regular fogger you would use in a house to get rid of fleas and the like but I clearly remember the directions saying to not breathe the fumes. Cough cough.