DRC:2018 On My Way to Africa

BrianGoma 2018

Happy New Year! I spent New Years Eve in the air somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean. Pretty soon we will be landing in Doha, Qatar and I connect there. It’s 5PM here and 8AMthere in Dallas so you are all just waking up from your big night out! From Doha I fly to Entebbe Uganda and finally on to Kigali Rwanda.

In Kigali I will meet others from the team and will spend the night at the Step Town Inn. The next morning we leave there and cross the border to the Congo.

I will send updates twice a day as long as I have coverage. Since email encryption and compression works the best I’m emailing these to Jack Blake where he copies them into the blog app.

The first order of business in Goma will be the solar power system. I will lay it all out and figure out where to install etc. then once I have the 100 watt basic system installed and working I will go buy 5 more panels to expand the system to full capacity- I will also add 100ah batteries to bring the battery string to full capacity. Hopefully that will only take me a day or two but we shall see!
Thanks for following along!

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