DRC2018: Our Solar Power System & An evening in Africa

BrianGoma 2018

Great news! All of the pieces are here! They were inspected by the transportation and security department , so they were opened and resealed. Fingers crossed they are all good. I will inspect them tomorrow after we get to Goma.

Thanks everyone I’m so excited!!

My first evening back was fantastic. Showered and immediately got on a boda-boda with Cheri a fellow volunteer and Victor our Project Manager. We went to dinner and Riding a boda-boda is like riding any bike – once you learn how it’s easy to do again.

Dinner was great – the special was Moymaya which is a goat on a spit – served for two with steak fries. I didn’t eat it but it looked delicious. I got vegetable pizza.  It was delicious. That will be the last of the “western” food for awhile but it was good.

Cheri is great and will be here the whole time I am and then will go down the Congo River with Amy Scarth the leader of it all.

Victor is from the DRC and a very interesting guy. Really smart and passionate and is part of the gallery and entrepreneur hub that we are installing the solar power system for. Here is a picture of Victor with part of the gear.


So I can’t get on my blog or Facebook- I send an email or WhatsApp message to Jack and he posts it to the blog. It’s really hard to get on the internet here – I tried to open my Goma 2018 site and it never launched in the browser. Emails get through so I will check in on the blog and Facebook comments when I get good internet.

All The Best, Brian

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