Malaria Treatment is serious stuff! I am taking Mefloquine

BrianUganda 2015

100,000 people per year die of malaria in Uganda alone.

Mefloquine’s main side effects include abnormal dreams and hallucinations. Here are the details

Lariam(r) (Mephaquin(r) or Mefloquine(r)) When you read the posts on the Internet concerning Lariam(r), you almost get the idea no one anywhere has given it the slightest thought with respect to adverse reactions and it is sold over the counter like candy. Remember, some people cannot take simple aspirin without a negative reaction, but it works just fine for millions. Preventing malaria is not unimportant. 100,000 people per year die of malaria in Uganda alone.

Lariam(r) (Mephaquin(r) or Mefloquine(r)) comes in 250mg oral tablets and one tablet is a dose. The number of tablets you need will depend on the length of time you stay in Uganda. Lariam(r) is to be taken as follows: One dose one week before departure, one dose on the day of departure and one dose each week while traveling and then one dose per week for three full weeks after you return.

To help mitigate the side effects, do not take Lariam on an empty stomach and drink at least one full glass of water with the tablet. Our team members have taken Lariam(r) for years with no problems except the dreams. As stated above, malaria is very common in Uganda and it appears the potential risks from contracting malaria are far greater than the potential side effects of Lariam(r). Again, discuss this with your own doctor.