No dogs or cats

BrianUganda 2015

I’ve been in Uganda for a week and I’ve seen my first dog. It’s nothing diabolical it’s just that they don’t have pets. A pet is another mouth to feed and another thing to keep out of trouble. Since they eat very little meat here dogs don’t make sense.

As for cats some of the older folks say there used to be more wild cats here, feral cats – but that they’ve all disappeared. They think the other animals got them – especially the birds of prey. That makes sense because outside of the forest you don’t see any animals. No squirrels, rats, marsupials, just nothing really but farm animals and some birds of prey.

Tomorrow I’m going to with Annawies to Kabale and Lake Bunyonyi. I will do an interview of the lodge owner to see what kind of produce they buy, from where they buy it and in what quantities. After we finish that — Then we get to goof off for the evening and come back here Sunday.

I’m staying at the Overland Resort in Lake Bunyoni in a safari tent. Annawies is staying at the same place but in a dorm room to save some money. We are eating dinner at a fancy place by Ugandan standards they say but I can’t remember the name of it. I do remember we are eating lunch at a place called Arcadia in Lake Bunyoni – they say it has the prettiest views in the country.

The thing is, is primitive Africa so I’m really just hoping to see some great scenery and maybe get a drink that’s cold.

I haven’t seen Facebook for over a week. Or the stock market. Or the weather.

Off to bed.

Thanks, B

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