So far,.. So good. And,.. Someone is great!

BrianUganda 2015

I made it to the airport and my bag checked in under 50 pounds. Last night I kept trying different combinations of my back pack and my checked bag to get under 50 pounds for my checked bag. I stepped on the scale with my bag and asked: what do I weigh? 280! Drop the bag and it says 220. That’s 60 pounds. Too much. Moved the iPads and iPods we are donating to my backpack. Get on scale. How much? 276! Great, too much. Take out protein bars (1 for each day in case the leafy greens of Africa don’t settle the first day. Get on scale : what does it say ? 268 – solid. 48 pounds. I get to the airport and they agree 48.5

“Someone is great” is about me having a wallet malfunction at the airport. My old wallet was coming apart and the sides split and before I left my house I swapped to another old wallet I had in a drawer . I put in my credit cards and all that and it seemed a lot better. Then I get to the airport and I’m in the bathroom and I pull my wallet out to count my dollars (I was targeting $500 cash for emergencies and it was all there). So I take my cards and secure them all in my new wallet. All is good.

I leave the bathroom and head to the plane and get on board. I’m saying my goodbyes and soaking in my last dose of America when a flight attendant walks up and said ‘ tell me your name’ , I said ‘Brian Johnson ‘ she hugged me and said. ” down the hall a person found your credit card and they went to each gate until they found us. We hugged and I asked why, she said she’d never seen anything like it. She said I had an angel looking over me and my trip. I hope she is right 🙂

I put the card back in my wallet and I noticed the there is a slit on both ends of one of the compartments. You put your card in and it can go right out the other side.

I would have been ok with fraud protection and all but that person who returned my card really made my day!

Respect, professionalism and perseverance.