Sunday January 24 The Road BACK from Binyonyi

BrianUganda 2015

The Saturday night and Sunday morning in Lake Binyonyi was great. Annewies went with me. Saturday after a long day of travel 5 hours to get about 60 miles , a car that ran out of gas and 3 Boda Bodas later we made it. Checked in and jumped in to the lake. They had a wooden dive platform that was about 3 feet above the water and I jumped off that. We then noticed another platform built in to a tree that was about 35 feet above the water,… So of course we had to jump off that. Climbing the tree was hard but fun. The worst part was the final piece – moving from the tree to the platform that was nailed to the tree. The whole thing was very wobbly under my 220 pound weight. But if you are steady you can stand up – and I did and ran and jumped. It was great! The lake is 6500 feet deep so it’s cold and jumping from that high water filled my nose and sinuses and that didn’t taste so great but it was a blast. Annewies decided to give it a go as well and also had a blast!

We stayed at the overland resort. I had a safari tent built on stilts for about 30 USD and Annewies had a dorm room that was $15 USD.

We are dinner and breakfast at the Birdsnest Lodge ~~~ FANTASTIC!!! really good stuff and a great staff.

After lunch we took a boat back home to a town called Muko. It cuts the drive in half and the boat ride is near. A wood boat that’s very long. I got some great pictures.

After we got off the boat we had a taxi waiting. As it turned out it was the same guy that drove us there and ran out of gas. So we drive home – about 25 miles but it takes 2.5 hours. About 2 miles from home his tire went flat. He tried to change it but the jack wasn’t tall enough. He put a rock under the jack and tried that but the rock crushed. So his wheel was sitting on the ground. We ended up walking home the last 2 miles. When I say taxi I mean it’s a local guy with a 20 year old car that’s really barely drive able,..

But the weekend was a blast overall and it was good to get away for 24 hours!

Back to work Monday morning bright and early!!

Thanks, B

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