Tuesday 1-19 night

BrianUganda 2015

It’s been a good day. After my walk around the mountain path in to town I spent the day with a local family doing what they do and eating what they eat that they cooked me. It was tough sitting there and smiling while drinking this cold slimy grain drink,.. Followed but millet goo. I managed to try most everything and thank them and they were kind and so happy to have me as their guest – they sang and danced and we had a great time.

As I walked away I had found memories leaving my head as worry set in and I set my stop watch to when I would start power hurling , but here we are 10 hours later so I guess I’m not going to die or anything. Lol. I know that may sound insensitive but when I looked around their methods of washing dishes and cooking food is very different then my own. Every volunteer has to do the same day and most have the same fears.

We have no internet here at the volunteers house and even in our town Rubugeri it’s a very slow data connection so I can only really send emails out – surfing the net is out of the question. I send an email to my blog and it automatically updates. So hopefully people are seeing that but I haven’t been online since Saturday!

My blog should be good though. I did want to send this one pic though

Wreck Em,.. Tech: Uganda style. Shaaaaa

Tomorrow I will update about my project for the next two weeks – it’s a seed bank. I will explain all about how a seed bank works. I’m so excited about this project. It’s going to be a sustainable project for the locals long after we leave and there will be some great immediate effects.

More on that tomorrow. Good night to and and to all a good night!

Thanks, B

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