Tuesday January 26th – 2016 Rubuguri

BrianUganda 2015

It was a good day. Started off through the valley on the trail from Nombe to Rubuguri. It’s funny how I spell Rubuguri wrong most of the time by the pronounce it Rubugooli so I didn’t notice I was spelling it wrong until today when I walked by the sign for the 50th time.

So I met a longer term seed bank participant, Lucas, along the path to talk with him again and introduce him to Deus a beginner seed bank guy. Deus is an experienced farmer but new to seed bank. So I introduced the two about the seed bank even though they’ve known each other since Deus was born they didn’t talk about the seed bank before. Lucas offered some of his land for new seed bank participants so that was great and unexpected.

Spent the afternoon interviewing elders about the seedling initiative. They had a lot to say. I have it all recorded.

Tomorrow is a big day with a big surprise so getting up early for that. Will report on progress tomorrow evening.

Also have a seed bank meeting at 2pm to give the loan seeds to Deus. We are starting another seed bank cycle next Wednesday after I leave – I will start spreading the word.

Good night DALLAS and AMERICA!!

Thanks, B

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