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I was meant to go on AA through JFK but the flight to JFK was delayed and I asked to get off the plane at the gate, but they said I couldn’t and that led to a lot of anxiety as I would need to get a hotel at JFK and there were no seats on the Saturday flight. I finally decided to just get off and go to the support team in the flagship lounge and I was so upset because they had advised me to stay on this flight even though there were two-hour delays getting in to JFK. The lady there, Victoria, calmed me down quickly and got me on a direct flight to Doha!

And was able to bag stop my luggage that was on the other flight! So I ended up on a direct 14 hour flight to Doha, which became a 15-hour flight and will make the connection to Kilimanjaro just fine 🤗 .. it’s great when people are helpful and empathetic.

Also, Matt Gerber and his Dad were on my new flight! they are going on a humanitarian mission to Katmandu!

28.10°N, 45.73°E

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